Rabbit in a Blanket Saginaw MI Veterinarian

Neuter: A Rabbit’s Tale

Wow! What an adventure I had. My mom packed me up all nice and cozy into my cage along with all my favorite food and treats. We went to visit the veterinarian, who is an animal doctor. Mom says I am very cute, and she wants me to stay as healthy as possible but she doesn’t need any more bunnies right now. I was going to the vet to have something done called a neuter. When I arrived, there were many sounds that I was unfamiliar with, “woof” and “meow” but also many friendly human voices. Everyone there wanted to snuggle me and pet my ears. I was nervous at first, but I couldn’t resist all that lovin’! I met a nice lady named Dr. Travis, who told my mom she was going to take great care of me while I stayed for the day. When it was time for my procedure, I was wrapped up snug in a towel and I felt a little poke in my leg. I became very sleepy and had the best dreams about hopping through gardens filled with yummy veggies. When I woke up I was snuggled in the arms of a nice gal and she was telling me what a good boy I was. My mom picked me up in the afternoon and gave me some tasty medicine for the next couple days, and I felt great! I am no longer nervous about going back to see Dr. Travis and I love all my new friends at Cole Vet.