Cat and Dog Hair Loss

Cat and Dog Hair Loss

Cat and dog hair loss can occur due to a number of different reasons. Your four-legged friend may be allergic to something in his environment, to a food he is eating or may be experiencing an allergic reaction to a bug bite or parasite that is living on or in him. If your furry family member is experiencing hair loss, bring him to see our caring veterinarians to get to the bottom his irritation.

Various Dog and Cat Hair Loss Factors

As previously stated, your pet may be experiencing hair loss due to a number of different reasons. The easiest way in which to get to the bottom of the cause is to bring him into our office for a check-up. There is not a way in which to decide on the causing factor over the phone. Here are some reasons why our pet may be experiencing hair loss:

  • Stress factors occurring in your pet’s life
  • Ring worm
  • Dermatitis infection
  • Nervous about changes in lifestyle, new ownership or adjustments to other animals

Promote a Healthy Coat

These types of factors may cause your furry friend to develop constant scratching and itching. This in turn can cause his hair to fall out. There is no need to worry. We can provide you with products that will help ease and soothe your friend. This in turn will help to promote a healthy coat and skin.


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