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Cat Ticks

During the spring, summer and fall months when the grass is tall and the weather is warm, ticks flourish. They will actually wait for an unsuspecting victim, which will more than likely be your cat or dog. However, they can just as easily attach themselves to you. Cat ticks are very important to prevent because they can cause serious harm to your pets, which in turn can also spread to you and your family.

Untreated Cat Ticks

If cat ticks are left untreated, the most common illness that may occur is lyme disease. This illness can spread to you and those living within your household. If your cat lives both indoors and outdoors, you should inspect him before and after their hunt. The main search spots are:

  • Cat’s neck (collar area)
  • Around and inside their ears
  • Their legs
  • Between their paws

Should your cat scratch more than normal, you should perform a thorough inspection as well.

Cat Tick Preventions

There are various preventative measures you can take in order to keep your four-legged companion free from ticks. There are several flea and tick solutions that can be given monthly to your feline that will keep them free of hosting a tick. There are many easy to administer topical products that will prevent tick infections on your pet.

Call and schedule an appointment today to discuss which if tick prevention is needed for your pet!

If you find a tick on your pet, the first step is careful and complete removal. We at Cole Veterinary Hospital have the tools needed to ensure complete removal of the tick (including the head) without harming your pet. Once the tick is removed, we have the option to submit the tick for identification.


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