Cat Worms

Cat Worms

Your feline friend is at risk of becoming a carrier of internal parasites that could result in serious illness or possible death.  Kittens, in particular, are most prone to cat worms because the can contract the parasite from their mother upon birth.  Cats can be carriers of:

·         Hookworms

·         Roundworms

·         Tapeworms

·         Whipworms

Contracting Cat Worms

Both indoor and outdoor cats are at risk of contracting cat worms.  When an outdoor cat consumes the raw meat from their prey, they are ingesting everything that critter had, which may include worms.  Indoor cats can get worms from infected potting soil or from other infected pets that spend time outside.

Cat Worm Treatments

There are a number of different treatments that will help to eliminate and prevent cat worm recurrences.  The best way in which to have peace of mind is to keep up with a monthly dose of worm medication.  Most often you will be able to purchase a medication that also contains other parasite preventions as well.  These other preventions may be for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.  

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