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Dog Fleas

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Dog fleas are the most common external parasite of companion animals. In addition to causing itching and other skin problems, fleas can transmit diseases to animals and people. The majority of the flea population (i.e. eggs, larvae, and pupae) are found off the pet and around the home. Before this condition gets out of control, take preventative measures by protecting your pet with one of the various flea medications on the market.

Peace of Mind

Flea treatments today are convenient, affordable and quite effective. You will never need to worry about getting rid of the fleas for your pet when using one of our effective treatment methods. You will always have peace of mind just knowing that your pet is protected with one of our veterinary recommended treatment methods.

Year Round Dog Flea Treatment

Although most of us think of fleas as only being prominent during the spring and summer months, fleas can actually live through the winter in your home on your pets if they are left untreated. There are several different flea treatments available. Depending upon your preference, some of the prevention methods may be:

  • Topical Solutions
  • Chewable Tablets
  • Environmental treatments

Regardless of the method you choose, our fur loving staff will be able to answer any questions you may having regarding any of the products we carry. Call and schedule an appointment today to discuss which option of flea prevention is best for your pet!


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