Halloween Costume Contest

Bring your pet in costume or send us a photo to post on Facebook for our Halloween Costume Contest! All pets will get a prize bag from our friendly receptionists, and be entered in our contest. Vote on Facebook for your favorite costumed critter!


“Peternal” Instincts: Reducing Pet Anxiety for Veterinary Visits

Our pets: We’d do pretty much anything for them. From the first day we take them home, we do our best to give them the life we want for them. We buy them quality food, comfortable beds, customized water dishes and enough toys for them to play with until they can’t play anymore. We devote time by playing with them, …


Separation Anxiety Experienced by Your Dog

A commonly used phrase used to describe the appearance of a stressed dog when the owner leaves the room or house is separation anxiety.  So, what exactly is separation anxiety?  This behavior is defined through symptoms of excessive salivation, barking, whining, destroying items in the home, scratching at walls, doors, and floors, and trying to escape from the crate or …


Foods Your Dog Should Avoid

Most of us know that there are certain foods that people eat that can be dangerous for your dogs.  A perfect example of such a food would be chocolate.  But, did you know that there are a number of fruits and vegetables that are healthy for us, that may be harmful to your four-legged friend?  Following is a breakdown of …


World Rabies Day – September 28th

Rabies is one of the oldest diseases known to man. Once a person has contracted the symptoms of this virus, there is no known treatment available. It is a major concern worldwide and kills 55,000 people every year. Just in the United States, one to two people will die annually while more than 6,000 cases of animal rabies will be …


Veterinarian Care is Important for Your Pets

Our pets are a very important part of our family and we want to take care of them just as we would every other family member. So how often should our four legged friends visit the veterinarian? Every 6 months? Once a year? Only when a sickness occurs? Let’s take a look. If you are the proud pet owner of …